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Latest Headlines From UCR Today

  • Scientists discover potential cause of Alzheimer’s Disease
    (November 29, 2021) Isomers of tau protein

    Prevailing theories posit plaques in the brain cause Alzheimer’s disease. New UC Riverside research points to cells’ slowing ability to clean themselves as the likely cause of unhealthy brain buildup. 

  • When bees get a taste for dead things
    (November 23, 2021) trigona bee

    Typically, bees don’t eat meat. However, a species of stingless 'vulture' bee in the tropics has evolved the ability to do so, presumably due to intense competition for nectar. UC Riverside scientists find these bees' guts resemble those of hyenas and other carrion feeders.

  • “Magic wand” reveals a colorful nano-world
    (November 23, 2021) nanoparticles-on-colorful-background

    Novel color photography using a high-efficiency probe can super-focus white light into a 6-nanometer spot for nanoscale color imaging

  • Deafness trumps HIV for deaf people living with HIV
    (November 23, 2021)

    UC Riverside-led study participants advocate for collection of more data on deaf individuals

  • New model links cultural trauma with health inequalities
    (November 22, 2021)

    UC Riverside researchers offer new interpretation of cultural trauma

  • How to eat a poison butterfly
    (November 22, 2021) vomiting bluejay

    In high enough concentrations, milkweed can kill a horse, or a human. To be able to eat this plant, monarchs evolved a set of unusual cellular mutations. New UC Riverside research shows the animals that prey on monarchs also evolved these same mutations. 

  • Statement on dismissal of tenured faculty member
    (November 19, 2021) campus with snowcaps

    Today the Regents of the University of California voted to dismiss a tenured professor, who had been on unpaid suspension, for violating the Faculty Code of Conduct due to sexual misconduct with a student over whom they had academic responsibility.

    This decision was consistent with the recommendation of the UC Riverside Academic Senate Privilege and Tenure Committee, UC Riverside Chancellor Kim A. Wilcox, and President Michael Drake.

  • High-tech air quality research center dedicated in Riverside
    (November 19, 2021) CARB dedication ceremony

    The California Air Resources Board dedicated its new state-of-the-art Southern California headquarters Thursday, Nov. 18, on a 19-acre site near the UC Riverside campus.

    The 402,000-square-foot laboratory and office facility, located on land provided by UCR, is one of the largest and most advanced vehicle emissions testing and research facilities in the world, agency officials said.

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