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Latest Headlines From UCR Today

  • Often Overlooked Glial Cell Is Key to Learning and Memory
    (June 18, 2018) The often overlooked glial cells do more than support neurons; they also actively influence them.
  • Two New Creatures Discovered from Dawn of Animal Life
    (June 18, 2018) UCR researchers have discovered two new Ediacaran era fossil animals, which they named in honor of President Barack Obama and Sir David Attenborough
  • Microchips Can Permanently Link Patients with Clinical Samples
    (June 15, 2018) With support from a Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Grand Challenges Explorations Grant, William Grover’s lab is using microchips to embed patient data directly in biological samples, making it impossible to separate a sample from a patient’s medical record. Each chip has a unique serial number read using a handheld chip reader. The number is linked to the patient’s record in a database or paper file.
  • AP Readiness Program Expands to San Bernardino County
    (June 14, 2018) A proven success, the program will broaden its reach to serve even more Inland Empire high schoolers and their teachers beginning in fall.
  • Scorpions Outdo Spiders as Scary Creatures
    (June 13, 2018) UCR's Rick Vetter and colleagues from five universities across the U.S. studied fear of spiders and scorpions among 800 students. Respondents from all locations reported being more fearful of scorpions than spiders.
  • Environmental Threats Put Bumblebee Queens Under Pressure
    (June 13, 2018) In a study published today in Proceedings of the Royal Society B, researchers at the University of California, Riverside found that environmental threats are piling onto the stress faced by nest-building bumblebee queens.
  • A Faster Way to Fail
    (June 12, 2018) A research team led by Sheldon Tan, a professor of electrical and computer engineering in the Bourns College of Engineering, has developed a new way to test the reliability of integrated circuits, such as microchips and microprocessors, that is faster than conventional techniques. The method uses carefully controlled electromigration at normal operating temperature to cause the circuit to fail in hours instead of years, allowing researchers to assess how durable a particular manufacturing process is.
  • Meet the Educator Building Bridges Between Teachers of Color
    (June 12, 2018) A UCR professor’s annual institute seeks to turn isolation — a fact of life for teachers of color across the country — into action.

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